Ada Animation is the home for developing top-tier animators.
The name Ada comes as an inspiration from Ada Lovelace. One of the first female computer engineers who based her discovery on innovation, technology and disruption.
As an animation institution, we strive to take Kenya by storm and soon, the whole of Africa. Providing young and ambitious animators with the necessary skills, mentorship and collaboration to produce high quality projects. The mission being to produce films and television that is competitive on a global stage. Bringing Africa to the fore-front of animation, while creating capacity for jobs and other commercial opportunities.

Our Mentors Who Have 
Helped Us Reach New Heights

Dean Lyon

Director, Mana Animation

Lamar Hawkins

Commercial Producer,

Jack Giarraputo

Co-Founder, Happy Madison

Kevin Sharpley

CEO, KIJIK Multimedia

John Kamara

CEO & Founder Adalab Africa
& Ada Animation

James Bearden

Senior Commercial Graphics

Your Guides For The 
Growth Journey Ahead

The boot camp which officially began 19th September 2020,
scheduled to run for three months, aims to mentor, train and upskill USIU animation students by connecting them with global renowned experts who will sit as Bootcamp mentors.

This will offer a fusion of interactive training experiences, that will sharpen the bootcampers skills and ignite their ability to create world class content. Furthermore, Ada Animation will allow the bootcampers to tell compelling African stories to Africa, and the rest of the world.

On the mentorship aspect, Ada Animation has secured mentors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their own right from across the world including Dean Lyon - Director at Mana Animation, Jack Giarraputo - Cofounder of Happy Madison Productions and Kevin Sharpley - CEO of Kijik Multimedia Inc (to name but a few). The mentors are looking forward to teaching, guiding and offering in-depth experience, as the students take on an exciting learning journey.

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